In the fast-paced world of the internet, it is really important that you’re updated on the latest trends – website design is no exception. In fact, web design is considered one of the top priorities these days in the market. Imagine if you have purchased a new website with an outdated design, people will eventually think that it has been neglected.. they won’t even bother checking what’s inside your blog, even if it has the latest happenings.


Therefore, it won’t hurt to know what trends impact users and what changes occur year by year. Not only designers but also those who want to start building their own website should understand that it is a continuous process. Listed below are the top web design trends that will definitely hit this 2018 – that a lot of 2017 lists missed.


Exceptional Pictures and Graphics

Graphic design gets narrowed as a part of ordinary web design but it has a significant potential that hasn’t been fully discovered. Therefore, graphic illustrations will be very popular this year. We suggest you get familiar with some areas that are of great interest to web designers.


Attractive Bright Colors and Bold Fonts

Let’s add bright colors together with bold fonts to complement modern style designs. Bold font styles with eye-catching colors help users focus on your content. Color transition will certainly be the perfect touch in modern design. For example, Instagram, they have changed their logo and design with beautiful gradients and multi-colored transition. This year, these fonts and colors may take place of images especially on mobile apps. Unlike images, the font doesn’t slow down pages and scaling the size of the text won’t affect performance.



Geometric Shapes

This is a very well-known trend back in 2016 up until now. You can achieve great results when mixing forms and patterns on your website since design and layout appearance is particularly appreciated in the design field. Try combining flat with material designs added a little bit of decorative and simple shapes to create a magnificent combination. Although 2D design is still continuously growing, there are still some changes that have occurred.


Scalable Vector Graphics

In this new era, more attention is now paid to the quality of photos, and their accessibility. Although they are new, SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) will be a total hit as a graphics format compared to the old traditional files such as PNG, GIF, and JPG. SVG has an incredible scale while maintaining its quality. Additionally, the size of SVG files is acceptable. SVGs will become essential to providing quality multimedia experiences for users in 2018.



Animation is literally everywhere nowadays, in icons, logos, and applications. For instance, incorporate animation may be a basic knowledge in web design, but there’s a definite increase of this subtle detail. The interactiveness ensures any site is playful and eye-catching, this encourages users to browse longer. Awesome animation attracts user’s attention and should be in web development trends this 2018.


The design trends of 2018 will continue to follow the main design trends of 2017 and so on; still, fresh and bright ideas and colors will still be provided. Keep in mind that design is also one of the most important phases of web development.